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Rufus Honker IV's Ramblings

Some freaky stuff from Rufus Honker IV.

Rufus Honker IV
I was born in the usual way in 1974. Parental units were acceptable, and sibling was acceptable also, when not being openly hostile in the ways that all older female siblings are. Through an odd and sometimes disturbing (though not altogether unpleasant), chain of events I grew up, multiplying my length by a factor of 3.619, and my weight by a factor of 22.564. I have since become adjoined to another member of my species and we have produced several offspring.

OK, honestly I'm a guy from Pittsburgh who is throwing some very random stuff into a Livejournal. Some of it is for grownups, but you'll probably read it anyway you little nit. It's all copyrighted by me unless, of course, it isn't.

This blog displayed with 100% post-consumer recycled electrons.
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